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icons format. Web Icons Size [pixels] [16 x 16] ,[24 x 24] ,[28 x 28] ,[32 x 32] ,[48 x 48] ,[64 x 64] ,[72 x 72], [128 x 128] ,[255 x 255], [256 x 256] ,[400x400] ,[512 x 512] All web icons packages (More than 30,000 icons) for one incredible low price. Web Icons (windows desktop icons | free icons | vista style icons | desktop icons | windows icons | xp desktop icons | vista icons ) : High quality royalty free web icons fee download at www.icons

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Web Icons - professional icons for web 1.0: Professional web icons for web and software projects

Web Icons - professional icons for web 1.0

An exquisite combination of pastel colours, and Tones of blue and Grey that will surely provide your application with the clean-cut, sophisticated design your project needs. Original and professional web icons for your websites and software projects. Each web icon is available in four different sizes and six different extensions. It includes web buttons, toolbars icons, shopping cart icons, multimedia icons, user icons

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Web Icons Collection 1.0: Vista Style Web Icons for Webmasters and Developers

Web Icons Collection 1.0

The Web Icons Collection is a specialty set from VirtualLNK, LLC., created for webmasters and interface designers. Although themes are based primarily around website development, these web icons will work equally well in a standard desktop application. Each icon was inspired by the look and feel of the upcoming Windows Vista operating system. Find commonly used images to handle things such as navigation and user management.

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web icons Lumina style 1.0: Light on your web with this set of web icons

web icons Lumina style 1.0

Light on your website with this set of icons, Lumina is a 3d aspect stock with eye catching colors that provides your applications with one of the most beautiful collections ever, it has an astonishing design; rays of light that gives a shiny touch to the icons, comes in grey, green, orange and blue tones making them look smooth. This icons has not got a lot of details giving a simple, clean and a not overcharge impression.

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Perfect Web Icons 2012.1: Perfect Web Icons is a large selection of web related icons for your projects

Perfect Web Icons 2012.1

Web Icons can be previewed online at http://www.perfect-icons.com Aha-Soft plans to release the following icon packages also: Perfect Free Icons, Perfect Vista Icons, Perfect Buddy Icons, Perfect Windows Icons, Perfect User Icons, Perfect Music Icons, Perfect Emo Icons, Perfect Pack Icons, Perfect Animated Icons, Perfect Christmas Icons, Perfect 3d Icons, Perfect PNG Icons, Perfect Email Icons, Perfect Stock Icons, Perfect Girly Icons, Perfect Messenger

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Small Web Icons 2013.1: A collection of top-quality Small Web Icons and clipart for your site

Small Web Icons 2013.1

Web icons collection is a great icon set that will help you with creating a toolbar or user menu of your Web-site or portal. All the icons in this set picture highest possible quality and unique style. The colors are bright, the edges are smooth, and the price surprisingly low. The set of Small Web Icons is available for immediate online purchase for only $49.95. Aha-Soft has developed a wide range of interface icons, of which the Small Web Icons

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Dating Web Icons 2013.1: Enhance online dating sites with ready-made love icons

Dating Web Icons 2013.1

Web Icons. The collection contains royalty-free love icons in a variety of sizes, resolutions, file and color formats, and represents many symbols and objects common to Web sites dedicated to human relationships. There are icons depicting Dating and Heart, Love icons and Broken Heart, various flowers, love letters and love messages. There are administrative icons for approving or declining relationships, a variety of different smiles and emoticons

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Perfect Web 2.0 Icons 2012.1: A collection of 246 royalty-free Web 2.0 icons for designers and Web developers

Perfect Web 2.0 Icons 2012.1

Web 2.0 applications with professional graphics! The collection of 246 ready-made Web 2.0 icons covers a wide range of popular subjects, control elements, actions and entities you`re likely to use in your Web 2.0 portal. Perfect Web 2.0 Icons offers Web developers a perfect chance to save when designing enhance e-commerce sites, online stores, Web portals, blogs, forums and social Web sites. Perfect Web 2.0 Icons offer a large collection of images

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Sophistique - Stock Icons and web icons for your applications 1.0: Stock Icons for web and software projects

Sophistique - Stock Icons and web icons for your applications 1.0

Sophistique combines the features of vector images and a smooth drawing style that retains the realistic appeal of Windows Vista design. It has a beautiful style between realistic and smooth figurative appearance. Icons in Sophistique come in vector format so that they can be fully edited and scaled to any size, with no loss in quality; that makes them ideal not only for applications but also for a wide range of purposes.

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Perfect Website Icons 2012.1: Plenty of quality website icons to enhance interfaces of web applications

Perfect Website Icons 2012.1

icons: Globe, Navigator, Web design, RSS, SEO, Index, User, Users, User group, Social Network, People online, Visual contact, User login, User logout, People contact and others. Aha-Soft also plans to release the following icon packages: Windows 7 Icons, Large Calendar Icons, Large User Icons, Large Web Icons, Large System Icons, Large Interface Icons, Large Symbol Icons, Large Clock Icons, Large Catalog Icons, Large Communication Icons, Large Kitchenware

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